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The Evaluation Process

Being evaluated for approval to use medical cannabis is similar to regular medical evaluations performed by most physicians. Before scheduling your appointment, you will be asked to fill out a patient questionnaire.  At your appointment, you will meet with our licensed physician, who will perform a medical history and physical exam. Your medical records will be reviewed. If you qualify for medical cannabis based on the law and the physician’s professional opinion is that you may benefit from its use, you will be issued a signed and embossed recommendation letter. The physician will also outline a treatment plan, discuss the side effects, risks and benefits of treatment, and arrange a follow-up visit. The physician will also explain the different ways that cannabis may be used so that you can minimize any side effects and maximize beneficial effects.

"I was able to stop all pain medications and I feel great! Cannabis has given me back my life"

- J.R., age 68, medical cannabis patient