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Why Choose Canna-Centers?

  • High-quality physicians: Our licensed physicians have spotless records and are in good standing with the Medical Board of California - we are the most professional physicians in this medical specialty since 2008 - we will educate you about the science of medical cannabis, including Cannabidiol (CBD) so you can understand the best way to improve your quality of life
  • We follow Medical Board guidelines: Doing it the right way matters when it comes to medical cannabis - remember that this is not only a medical process but a legal one as well - our physicians follow the medical board guidelines and California law so that your approval is legitimate and defensible in court
  • 24/7 Verification: We maintain on-line and live phone verifications 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • We are here for you: Once you are an approved patient, if you have any problems or concerns with your use of medical cannabis, we will assist you any way we can. Our medical practice is here for you - just give us a call!

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Beware of Unethical Practices

1. California Law requires that a doctor's office is owned by a doctor - not a layperson just trying to make money.  Make sure the medical practice that you get your medical cannabis letter from is physician-owned. 

2. The doctor's office should have a fictitious name permit registered with the Medical Board.  This permit should be posted in the office and verifiable with the Medical Board at
Without a registered fictitious name permit and physician owner,  the practice is illegal and any paperwork you get from them is not valid

3. There is no such thing as a "grow license" under California law.  Approved patients and caregivers are allowed to grow what is medically necessary for the patient's medical condition.  Physicians are NOT ALLOWED to give a plant number.  Some doctors are charging up to $300 for a grow license that supposedly allows you to grow 99 plants - this is not legal nor will it protect you if you are charged with a marijuana crime.  

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